Jay-Z: Dealing Coke Made Me a Better Businessman

Jay-zJust when you think Jay-Z can’t say anything more stupid than the last stupid thing he said, he bottoms out.

The man who is a best-selling author, entrepreneur, and rap music mogul, has asserted that the experience that will make him a successful sports agent is his days of dealing coke.

What a moron! No wonder he and Barack Obama get along so well.

With all Che-Z’s accomplishments, he longs for the “crack” days. Che-Z said that when you are dealing coke, you need to know how to cut it, so you know how much to sell, and have enough to “re-up.”

I’m sure this is advice he will one day pass along to his daughter, Blue Ivy, when she follows in Daddy’s footsteps and starts out dealing drugs for a living.

Jay-Z is now part owner in sports franchises, and those franchises can be proud that they have a former dope dealer in their midst. As for his potential clients at represent, I’m not sure how Che-Z will present “the product.” But don’t be surprised if they find themselves in the Far East working in the sex trade business for a deal gone bad.

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