Less Doctors on Obamacare and It’s Only the Beginning

The insurance companies are in cahoots with Obamacare.

United Healthcare is firing thousands of doctors, and this is only the beginning.

Insurance providers know that medical care in America is about to go commando, as in “male nuggets” exposed. America’s health care will be 3rd-World shortly.

“In the midst of big changes in healthcare, United Healthcare has sent thousands of pink slips to Connecticut doctors.”

“Termination letters went to doctors caring for Medicare patients.”

Next we will see the debut of the IPAB board — that group of individuals who will objectively, in a machine-like manner, decide the cost-benefit value of allowing surgeries, care or medicine for patients. Oh yea…they most likely won’t be called patients, but something like “treatment recipient units.”

First America took the “sanctity” out of life with the Roe v. Wade decision in 1973. Then much of America swallowed the “Death with Dignity” ruse. Babies? Inconvenient! The elderly? They cramp our style!

Now Obamacare, a Marxist dream child subscribing to the “material, utilitarian” view of mankind, takes us to a brave new world of cold choices for optimum profit.

Let’s face it…Obamacare should really be named “The Act”: it’s neither affordable nor caring.



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