Obama Wants Stocks to Drop!

In what has to be one of the strangest moves in presidential history, Obama actually seems to WANT the stocks on NYSE to drop!

In comments made recently about Wall Street, Obama seemed to be asking for them to figure out how to negatively affect the market. Told by CNBC’s John Harwood that Wall Street is “pretty calm” about the government shutdown and political infighting, Obama said:

“…I think this time they [Wall Street] should be concerned.”

During the first two hours of trading, the Dow fell by more than 100 points.

This is what Obama wanted, except that he likely wishes it had fallen more. Obama’s wants the government shutdown to be painful to investors. Essentially Obama is willing to sacrifice the only positive indicator in his presidency–the fraudulently high stock market–so he can go back to printing worthless ObamaBucks.

He has problems with this strategy, however.

First, the government shutdown is just not that painful…unless you are tax-and-spend, Big Government-loving Democrats, who likely benefit from government thievery on your behalf. For most of America however, the government shutdown does not intrude on their daily lives. Obama is learning that, at some point when you warn that the sky is falling, it really needs to fall.

Obama will continue to look for possible “pain points” in the economy, ergo the stock market.

The problem here is that the demographic which supported Obama doesn’t have enough money in the stock market to say grace.

Obama voters live day to day, and thanks to Obama’s “care and feeding” via the government robbing the tax-PAYER, the tax-TAKERS want for nothing. Ironically, Obama has implemented policies that effectively isolate a large part of the population from feeling any pain, thus rendering them fat, dumb, and happy.

And a fat, dumb, and happy Liberal is very unmotivated to get off his lazy butt to do anything except wait on the next taxpayer-funded, government-issued check.

The part of the population that Obama would LIKE to feel pain has increased its pain threshold so much, that a government shutdown is actually WANTED. These people see the government shutdown as redistribution of pain.

Further, the taxpayers feel some small form of vindication, that the government has to experience what we experience on a daily basis.

I speak for many people who are glad that 800,000 government “non-essential” personnel–note I didn’t call them “workers”–were furloughed. That’s what happens in the real world, if a company experiences financial difficulties. Government shutdown seems to to be the only thing that makes government take pause on its insane fiscal policy, a policy of irresponsibility of monumental proportions.

Finally Obama will have to show some fiscal responsibility, if only for a moment. In a government shutdown, Obama’s extravagances will be put under the microscope, as will his pettiness–like with closing the national parks and monuments. I dare him and Michelle to take one of those billion dollar vacations now.

But Obama has a bigger problem: ObamaCare.

He owns this ugly baby. And now that he’s put the baby in the public eye, people get to see what Conservatives saw early on: that’s one ugly baby.

With all the time and money spent to sell this concept and set up the infrastructure, the Obama administration’s roll-out of ObamaCare was the work of rank amateurs. The roll-out showed the level of incompetence that was behind the curtain, but it won’t stop there.

The roll-out SNAFU will soon be compounded by implementation.

Once the technical difficulties are over, then the HATRED will come. It will come from people getting higher rates than promised (they have taken the term “free” off the original site) and higher deductibles. And when people start the ObamaCare revolt, Obama will unleash the hounds: penalties for non-compliance.

Said penalties will drive people insane, and this will be from Obama’s base, and not just by the so-called rich.

Expect soon for Obama to put his new (UGLY) baby up for adoption…hoping rich, white Republicans will at least offer foster-care.

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