ObamaCare: Breaking Bad in Real Life

SNL spoofed ObamaCare using the show Breaking Bad as the inspiration.

Aaron Paul, the guy who is Walter White’s partner in crime in the show had this to say in the spoof:

“I have this friend — and he got sick,” Paul/Pinkman said. “Like, cancer sick. But because there wasn’t Obamacare, he couldn’t afford the treatments. So he was, like, backed into a corner.”

Obama expressed sympathy — “keep in mind this man was a teacher with a family!” — as Paul/Pinkman added: “So, he did what any of us would have done — he started cooking meth.”

The funny part about this spoof is that ObamaCare won’t help people with cancer, as the Left implies. But rather, ObamaCare will make it harder on cancer patients.

When people figure out that they can NOT get the type of healthcare promised, and that ObamaCare is like most other government programs — another Ponzi scheme — people will resort to nefarious means to make ends meet.

Healthcare is now free for many people, citizens and non-citizens, but we have an underground economy that is getting more robust with each passing day. People move “legit” money routinely to the underground, where they don’t pay taxes and where the Fed has little scrutiny. The Fed won’t care, as long as there are sheep to fleece.

But when the money runs out, and it will run out, America will create lots of Walter Whites. And like Walter White, they will begin with good intentions, until one day they start “breaking bad.”

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