Obamacare to be renamed GOPcare soon

ugly_babyThe transformation of ObamaCare is beginning.

Crackhead Obama couldn’t abort the baby, so now he’s going to drop it off at Uncle John Boehner’s, and go on a binge.

The media will take the demon-child of Obama into foster care, at least until the adoption paperwork can be completed.

After a couple of weeks, when the GOP realizes that Obama is not coming back, the GOP will be all too happy to step up and adopt the soon-to-be little bastard called Obamacare.

Once the media makes the adoption official, the GOP will have a new ugly baby. But the problem with the baby is not just its “looks.” This baby has all kinds of problems.

The Republicans will do their best to get it all the help they can: psychologists, plastic surgeons, orthopedic surgeons, orthodontics, respiratory therapists for asthma.

They will employ a host of other specialist who will try to correct this baby’s issues. The GOP will spend our money trying to save a baby that would have even the most staunch pro-lifers looking the other way at a Planned Parenthood clinic.

Eventually, Obamacare will become GOPcare, and it will be hated by all Americans as much as they hate the GOP.


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