ObamaCare So Bad Website Rejects Applications!

ObamaCareTalk about a fiasco that so reminds us of Obama’s presidency!

Even if you WANTED to sign up for ObamaCare, you likely couldn’t. To call ObamaCare a cluster-cluck is to demean the cluck.

The states’ databases are not talking to the Fed, and so on. Sounds much like Clinton’s “terrorism task force” back in the day.

If you are able to register, you might want to wait a year or so before going to the doctor. Think of it as “practice” for when you really need ObamaCare.

I can’t even imagine the work it will take to detangle the rat’s nest of bureaucracy on top of the second most grotesque legislation in our history — second only to the federal tax code.

Has anybody even mentioned that in order to utilize ObamaCare, you will need valid ID? I’m anxious to see how the Left sells THAT idea when the time comes.

Hey Republicans: “Is this thing on?!”



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