“Oh, Sweet Lorraine”: A True Love Story

loveTo love is to suffer. The only way to escape suffering is to escape loving—and that is the greatest suffering of all, the loneliness of never having loved.

Ninety-six year old Fred Stobaugh of Peoria, Illinois knows what it means to suffer, because he knows what it means to love.

For just a moment, let’s set aside our criticisms of the shameful, childish antics in Washington, D.C. Of the moral rot eating away at our culture. And of the numbing confusion as to what does and doesn’t count as marriage these days.

Instead, let’s take a moment for something real and enduring—the lifelong love of a man for the woman of his dreams, and the goodness of others who loved him through his suffering.

This video, “Oh, Sweet Lorraine,” will tell the story.

As you watch, remember the John Dryden’s lines from “Ah, How Sweet It Is to Love.”

Pains of love be sweeter far

Than all other pleasures are.


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