The Oversexualized Liberal Society

In this short video, it appears this young couple was going to perform a “non-sexual relations” act (per Liberal icon Bill Clinton) in public, as their friends filmed the performance in the car behind.

The couple’s plans are spoiled, however when the “man” falls out of the vehicle and almost cracks his head open.

Public reality show porn: It’s the next big wave…catch it!

What type of society have Liberals created where such nonsense is even considered?

I won’t pretend that Conservatives haven’t tried to make the mile-high club, or that we don’t have voyeuristic tendencies. We are human, and though most of us have outgrown such things, there was a time when we walked on the wild side.

And there are those today who are still wild, though we chose to be wild privately, and monogamously.

But what separates Conservatives is we think of the greater good, when considering such dalliances.

Who wants to have their mugshot in the paper for trying to have “not sexual relations” in the back of a pickup truck? This activity is not how you want to face your child’s teacher or the city council, should you want a zoning change.

As for the Women’s Movement, kudos for creating a young woman who is willing to perform her Lewinskian Clintonian in public! Something that would surely make her a proud mom one day, as her performance makes sped through the Information Highway…forever! Then these same Feminists complain about a mother breast-feeding in public!

It’s a crazy world where, unfortunately, Liberalism rules.

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