Sarah Hall Ingram’s Five-Month White House Duty Call

Sarah Hall IngramWith all the talk about debt ceilings, budgets, and partisan bickering, it seems the story of Sarah Hall Ingram is taking a back seat.

She’s the IRS official who, according to a Watchdog.Org analysis of White House visitor records, made 165 visits to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue to meet with an Obama White House Official — with whom she had already shared confidential taxpayer information via email.

According to 2012 emails obtained by the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, Ingram was email buddies with Jeanne Lambrew, deputy assistant to the president for health policy, and White House health policy advisor Ellen Montz.

So, in addition to possibly sharing recipes and videos of dancing cats, Ms. Ingram could have been exchanging private taxpayer records with a few of her lady friends at the White House.

In light of that fact, shouldn’t someone somewhere be pressing for answers as to who it was that authorized the request for the IRS information Ingram disclosed? And why, pray tell, out of Sarah’s 165 White House meetings with White House staff, were 155 of them with Lambrew?

Read full article at American Thinker


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