Buying the Government Bull

Who are these people trying to kid? The biggest bullsh*t artists on the planet are now saying that the $47,174 mechanical bull they purchased…

…from Mechanical Bull Sales Inc. of State College, Pennsylvania, right in the middle of the government shutdown, was for recruiting purposes for the Utah National Guard of Utah.

Sorry, I don’t buy it.

According to the General Services Administration (GSA) , the National Guard of Utah supposedly requested a “bull which needs to be durable and low maintenance.”

The Mechanical Bull Sales website maintains:

“Our mechanical bulls are approved for use in all 50 states and Canada. This includes: Pennsylvania, New Jersey and California which have stringent safety requirements for amusement rides.”

According to Lt. Col. Hank McIntire of the Utah National Guard, the mechanical bull is set up at fairs and other events because “It draws attention to their message.”

Talk about “draw[ing] attention to [a] message!” 

The bull would better serve that purpose if it was set up for amusement and message-sending atop Capitol Hill. Then, just prior to a ‘full of bull’ liberal politician opening his or her mouth to speak, they can climb aboard the mechanical bull first. THAT would really drive the point home that what they’re about to say is pure dung.

Lt. Col. Hank McIntire said the “previous mechanical bull had broke down and was beyond repair.” If that’s true, just wait until America sees how fast the Capitol Hill bull breaks down and is deemed “beyond repair.”

Word of caution to Nancy Pelosi:  When drawing attention to your message by riding roughshod on a symbolic bull, remember you’re a grandma so be extra careful not to fall off and break your hip. At your age Obamacare may decide to use you as an example and leave you to rot.


Nancy Pelosi riding the government bull.

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