Top 5 Scariest Halloween Costumes 2013 (Men)

Scary PumpkinsAs I said on Monday, whether you love the day or hate the day, everyone knows Halloween is all about the frightening costumes.

My earlier post featured the women’s getups…now I’ve compiled the Non-PC list of the 5 scariest costumes for men: be prepared to have nightmares!


#5 – The Anthony Weiner Costume


This costume is rated MA for mature Trick or Treaters only. And even so, the wearer might be sorely tempted to text selfies while grabbing…candy bars of course.

Be prepared to be ostracized by most neighbors with any sense of decorum and principles should you dare wear this over-the-top costume.

But no matter, any Dem home-owners will dole out lots and lots of goodies to anyone donning this attire on Hallowed Eve: seems the Left loves the Bad Boy getup.

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