Trey Gowdy Whoops Some Park-Closing Booty!

Trey Gowdy is fast becoming a favorite hero of those of us on the right: he has the convictions and the spine to hold the Lefty loons accountable!

Watch and enjoy (maybe even cheer) as Rep. Gowdy whoops up on Nation Park Service Director Jarvis.

Representative Trey Gowdy asked:

“Mr. Jarvis, in October of 2011, Occupy protestors descended upon McPherson Square, and they decided to stay. Despite the clear language of the law, these protestors camped at McPherson Square, with the definition of camping being sleeping or preparing to sleep, for 100 days!

They camped in violation of the law and you did not make a single, solitary arrest for camping. So Congress decided to have a hearing and ask you why you were not enforcing the law, and you told us, Mr. Jarvis, that you had a great deal of discretion in how and when to enforce the law.

You told us that you were, after a hundred days of not enforcing the plain language of the statute, working with protestors to quote, gain compliance…whatever the hell that means…with the law. And what you called, quote, a measured and reasoned approach.

So the law says no camping, but the protestors camped anyway, and you didn’t do anything in terms of arrests or citations for over 100 days. So Mr. Jarvis I want you to fast forward 2 years. Parks are closing, access to monuments is restricted, even access for those who helped build the monument in the first place.

And you didn’t wait a hundred days to enforce the law, Mr. Jarvis, with Veterans who wanted to see their monument. You didn’t work to gain compliance. Veterans weren’t greeted with a measured and reasoned response,  Mr. Jarvis. They were greeted with barricades on the very first day.”

So, National Park Service Director Jarvis treated a bunch of dirty, smelly, contemptible Occupy commies better than the amazing Veterans who fought for the rights of even those law-breaking OWS protestors!

Oh how I love it when Trey Gowdy gets fired up for a righteous cause: he has the legal mind combined with a South Carolinian, drawling eloquence to put the likes of NPS Director Jarvis in their place.

Shame on you Mr. Jarvis!

God bless and keep our Veterans — they are our National Treasure!

And big-time kudos to Trey: you once again rocked a house hearing with a super-sized can of Patriot whoop-ass! Somewhere Tommy-J is standing and applauding.


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