Jay Carney Explains How Food is Produced

Jay CarneyJay Carney knows how food is produced in America — with FOOD STAMPS!

Speaking about the importance of the SNAP program:

“SNAP is the most effective way of to combat hunger and food insecurity, particularly as food banks are telling us that they are already struggling to meeting the needs in their communities.”

Thank GOD America has people growing food stamps — ergo food stamp recipients — or how would poor Americans EAT?!

Silly me. Here I thought farmers grew the food that people eat, only to discover that without those government-grown food stamps we’d all starve to death.

A little history of farming from PBS:

The Freedman’s Bureau, established in 1865, provided relocation, education and medical relief to newly freed Africans, as well as Southern whites displaced during the Civil War.

In 1866 the Freedman’s Bureau opened 45 million acres of public lands in Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Arkansas and Florida to settlers regardless of race. Many freedmen took advantage of the homestead opportunity, creating the first major wave of African-American land ownership.

Most freed slaves never had access to “free” land. To save enough cash to buy their farms, they worked for many years – in a climate of growing hostility from whites – as tenant farmers, sharecroppers, or in the steel or turpentine industries.

Although many political gains won during Reconstruction were lost by the 1890s, blacks continued to acquire land. A lot of hard work yielded 120,738 black farms by 1890. By 1910 black farmers had accumulated 218,972 farms and nearly 15 million acres.

The Freedman’s Bureau was established by Republicans. Which is precisely the reason Carney and other Liberals have selective amnesia.

Carney is indicative of the detachment in DC about (1) HISTORY, and (2) where products come from. Because Liberals like Carney have been running the show for decades, the new “average American” is just as misinformed.

Far too many people in America believe that government provides everything. They don’t even consider the origin of the funds that government disperses, or as Obama would say, “redistributes.”

It’s hardworking patriots — the very people whom the Left demonizes — who put food on the tables of the poor.

Using poor people for fodder is what politicians and “Carneys” do. Shame on them for their manipulations and their ignorance.


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