Liberals will be SHOCKED by this report

liberalsIt turns out that we are NOT all the same.

Despite Liberals’ desire to give everybody a trophy, science and human physiology keeps conspiring against them!

This article displaying the physiques of various Olympic athletes is eye-opening — my personal favorites the female gymnasts and volleyball players.

I’m not sure why the government hasn’t studied this.  It would be right up this Administration’s alley to grant some Obama “bundler” the no-competition contract for $20 million to tell us what we already know: certain body types are specific to certain sports. 

Haven’t we all been waiting to see how fast a hammer thrower can run the 400 meter hurdle, or better yet, high jump? Or to see how a gymnast does in the shot put? No? Well then welcome to the human race.

Just as there are advantages to body types in sports, there are advantages within the brain that make people better scientists or artists. Conservatism follows human nature, which is why Liberals don’t understand it.

Liberals can’t be human. It’s a mystery where they hail…perhaps some experiment on the human race by extra-terrestrials? But what I do know is humans will continue to evolve, and that doesn’t bode well for Liberals.

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