Obama: The Benevolent Dictator

Today, Obama the Benevolent Dictator decreed that we could get our old insurance back.

This is the same insurance that he took away with ObamaCare, but we are not to discuss that. Just be happy that for a period of ONE YEAR, Obama is allowing us to postpone the inevitable…a single-payer healthcare system.

When we created this video spoofing Charlie Chaplin’s spoofing of Hitler, little did we know it would apply to Obama’s speech today.


The idea that Obama believes he can change the rules of ObamaCare, because it’s not working is incredulous. To heck with Congress, the SCOTUS or whatever. If he decides things should be different, then yea verily, so it is said, so it is written…so it is DONE!

All hail, the benevolent dictator.

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