Obama has established the NEW normal

normalRemember the good old days, five years ago, before Obama established the “new” normal?

This was a time of white presidents you could criticize without being attacked as a racist. For me and my fellow black conservatives, it was a time when we wouldn’t be called an Uncle Tom because we didn’t support “the brotha.”

I long for the good old days, when gasoline prices passed $3 a gallon and I screamed at President George W. Bush from high Heaven. Gas prices settled below $2 a gallon before Bush left office, and the Left said it was because the Bush family killed Iraqi’s for oil.

Today, gas prices remain at least a dollar above “Bush gas,” and Leftists are spiking the football.

“SEE, I told you gas wouldn’t stay at $5 a gallon, fool!”

I don’t think Obama will remind people that he DIDN’T inherit that mess!

As for his minions, there is no talk of Obama killing Iraqis for oil, or even talk about how the price of gas impacts most Americans more than taxes. Just “business as usual,” which is to try to distract the low-information voters from reality.

We’ve spent trillions of dollars to get unemployment under 6 percent, and we are nowhere close to that level of unemployment. Our debt spirals in an upward vortex, we are spending $1 trillion more than the biggest spender in history, George W. Bush, and we continue to put people on welfare in record numbers.

Just business as usual for those protecting Barack Obama and his insane fiscal policies.

Princeton professor and economist, Paul Krugman wrote this op ed in the NY Times, titled A Permanent Slump:

Spend any time around monetary officials and one word you’ll hear a lot is “normalization.” Most though not all such officials accept that now is no time to be tightfisted, that for the time being credit must be easy and interest rates low. Still, the men in dark suits look forward eagerly to the day when they can go back to their usual job, snatching away the punch bowl whenever the party gets going.

But what if the world we’ve been living in for the past five years is the new normal? What if depression-like conditions are on track to persist, not for another year or two, but for decades?

Krugman is no right-wing extremist, and he sees the writing on the wall. In his op-ed, he references Larry Summers, the Charles W. Eliot University Professor and President Emeritus at Harvard University. Summers served as the 71st Secretary of the Treasury for President Clinton and the Director of the National Economic Council for President Obama.

So again, these are people who are firmly in the pro-Obama camp, yet they are letting the cat out of the bag.

These economists want “normalization,” because the opposite of normalization is chaos. And under Obama, America is in economic (and other) chaos.

The concern of these economists is not the impact of Obama’s policies today, but the possible impact America will experience for DECADES! You can’t shift an economy this large on a dime for the better. But as Obama has proven, you can shift it quickly for the worse.

Leftists won’t admit it, but Obama has undoubtedly engendered the worst economic period in American history, wounds hidden only by clever government marketing (lying about the data), and Obama’s ability to print money.

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