Obamacare Forces Cancer Patient to Make Life or Death Decision

The Obamacare rollout has been one epic crash and burn, but now a cancer patient, Bill Elliot, goes public on Megyn Kelly’s Fox News Channel “Kelly File” to tell his heart-breaking story.

South Carolinian Bill Elliot messaged Megyn on Facebook to share his story of his cancelled policy. His previous policy covered his doctor and his cancer treatments, medical devices and medicines. That policy was cancelled since it did not meet the Obamacare standards.

Now, Mr. Elliot’s premiums would be $1500/month with a $13,500 deductible…and that is ONLY for Mr. Elliot, not the whole family!


Bill Elliot told Megyn:

I’m not gonna pay that. If I make it that long I’ll pay the $95…whatever…fine, and I’m just gonna let nature take it’s course. Because I’m not going to put a burden on my family to pay this $1500 and would good is it gonna do?

…I believe I’m doing the right thing. I’ve thought about it and prayed about it…

Bill Elliot voted for President Obama. Bill Elliot was just one of millions who believed the President when he said,”If you like your insurance, you can keep your insurance. If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor.”

Now Bill Elliot and his entire family are victims of Obama’s great lie.

What a terrible price to pay. Not only has his insurance cost gone from $180/month to $1500/month (which he will refuse), but the ultimate cost will most likely be his life.

This is Barack Obama’s brave new world. A world where lives are not intrinsically valuable and created by God, but rather citizens are merely utilitarian entities.

Obama has fundamentally transformed America into a country where the God-given life of one cancer patient is a mere expense to the state. You’ll be answering for this, Barack.

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