It’s Official: Obama is Gay

Even the most flaming of gays are less obsessed with gay issues than Obama. It’s official: Obama is “King of the Gays.”

Who hosts a Bisexual Visibility Day, that isn’t on the down low? Nobody!

But that’s exactly what America’s bisexual president did, you know…to make sure that we are all aware of how important our sexuality is as we wander through life. The Washington Times reports:

Luigi Ferrer, program and grants development director for the Pridelines Youth Services group in Florida, told the Miami Herald that he received his invitation about a month ago from the administration.

“There really hasn’t been a strong national organization speaking out for bisexuals,” he said. “What that leads to is being left out of important policy conversations. Now we are finally having some of those.”

The meeting was to discuss issues of importance to bisexuals, The Washington Post reported last month.

I know I won’t make a move without questioning somebody’s sexuality, because no tranny is going to work on MY tranny! I suggest you use the same discretion in picking your proctologist.

As for the Bisexual Visibility Day, it’s good to see that Obama is back on the job. Recall his #1 priority: Jobs. Oh, that’s right, the Senate did pass the “anti-identity discrimination” bill.

So just so we are clear:

  1. Now companies must IDENTIFY who is gay or straight, so that
  2. People do NOT IDENTIFY the very same?

Obama’s little soiree was sexist in itself, as he discriminated against the rest of the gay alphabet: the LGT?

Honoring people who want to have sex with whomever is ridiculous. What about bisexuals who WANT to have sex with asexuals Day? Or how about closeted bisexuals who secretly want to have sex with Lesbians Day?

In a final irony, Bisexual Visibility Day was PROMOTED QUIETLY and hosted BEHIND CLOSED DOORS.

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