Site Dedicated to Obamacare FAILURES

Despite Obama’s obvious lies, Obamacare is hitting Americans hard in the pocketbooks, and now there is a website dedicated to showcasing the REAL after-effects (failures) of ObamaCare .

Cancelled is not part of the vast Right-wing conspiracy, as the site is chock full of soon-to-be former Leftists, who have gotten their first ObamaBoot squarely between their socialist butt-cheeks (ooooh, that’s gonna leave a mark!). The site clearly lists Obamacare failures.

The Left proffers that Obama didn’t lie when he said, “…you can keep your plan…you can keep your doctor.”

But even the Left cannot dispute the facts, as evidenced by MSM pundits Piers Morgan, Kirsten Powers, George Stephanopoulos, et al.


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