6 Lessons Obama Can Learn from PlayStation 4 Rollout


5. Have a good CEO

Liberals love Barack Obama, “LL Cool B”. But he was wholly unprepared to be president or “anydent.” That is not the case for Sony’s CEO. Prior to becoming president and CEO of Sony, Kazuo Hirai’s worked in just about all areas of Sony’s corporation.

Here are just the last 4 years of Hirai’s resume.

On April 1, 2009, Sony’s electronics and game businesses were merged and reconfigured as two major groups: the Consumer Products & Devices Group (CPDG) and the Networked Products & Services Group (NPSG). Hirai was appointed as Corporate Executive Officer and Executive Vice President of Sony Corporation, concurrently serving as president of the NPSG.

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He has overseen all development, production and marketing activities at the NPSG, comprising Sony’s game (i.e. SCEI & Sony Online Entertainment), personal computer (VAIO), mobile devices (including Walkman and Xperia) and network service (Sony Entertainment Network, including online distributions of music, video, games, eBooks, etc.) businesses and new business incubation projects.

Hirai is said to have played a fundamental role in the success of the PlayStation brand, introducing gaming to a much larger and more diverse audience.

On April 1, 2011, Sony’s consumer electronics, game, and networked service businesses were reorganized into one group, named the “Consumer Products & Services Group.” Hirai was promoted to Representative Corporate Executive Officer and Executive Deputy President of Sony Corporation, where he oversaw the Consumer Products & Services Group.

Hirai was speculated to become the successor to Howard Stringer, the current sitting president and CEO of Sony Corporation, who was then expected to step down in 2013, however on February 1, 2012, Sony announced that Hirai has been appointed as President and Chief Executive Officer, effective April 1, 2012, because his performance was so stellar.

Barack Obama’s resume:

Community organizer turned mediocre Congressman turned mediocre Jr. Senator, who admitted he was not prepared to be president, who later proved it by becoming president. Crowning accomplishment: Repeal of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, and the passage of ObamaDud.

That reads like an obituary. Because it is! This what happens when you try to force something people don’t want to have what you want to sell. See “You can’t force people to buy your product.”

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