6 Lessons Obama Can Learn from PlayStation 4 Rollout


6. You can’t force people to buy your product

The thing that makes the PlayStation great is competition. With the Wii, X-Box, and other gaming platforms present and future looming, Sony must continue to innovate. I’m not a gamer, so I can’t speak to what the PlayStation 4 has over other platforms. But I do know this: Sony must have done something right, or those long lines wouldn’t exist. And it has happened to capitalist heavyweights.

Take WebTV from Microsoft. Know anybody that uses it?

Microsoft had all the advantages. Big installed base, and knowledge of its own products, which supposedly would integrate with WebTV seamlessly. The objective was to get people to integrate work with leisure.

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If Microsoft can’t force anybody to do anything, then likely no private-sector company can. The public wants what it wants.

Obama believes himself to be a benevolent dictator. He knows what’s best for people, so ObamaCare was made mandatory. There is only one outcome for the American economy, if ObamaCare is allowed to live. Think long lines for vodka and toilet paper.

Young people know that ObamaCare is a trap.

Let’s see, pay $200 a month for something I likely won’t use, or pay the $95 fine if I do happen to use it at some point? I’ll take Door #2.

ObamaYouth will be responsible to pay for the old folks, and they know this. But ObamaYouths are nothing if not irresponsible. ObamaYouths are the most self-indulgent kids on the planet, just waiting for their chance to get their turn at government assistance. This doesn’t bode well for Obama.

Unfortunately for Obama, ObamaCare’s most needed patrons are texting on their $500 iPhones  about where the shortest line is to get a $400 PlayStation 4 when they return from Europe on flights booked on Travelocity.

They are NOT thinking about getting “insurance.”

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