Deployed Soldier’s Pregnant Wife Stabbed While They Video Chatted

A soldier deployed overseas was video chatting with his pregnant wife, who was one week from her due date, when something unforeseen occurred.

No, it was not her water breaking or labor pains. Instead, his pregnant wife literally labored for her life and the life of her unborn child after a burglar started stabbing her in real time.

KFOX14 reported that Corey Moss, a 19-year-old Fort Bliss soldier, went to the Pooles’ residence to talk to Rachel Poole about money he owed her husband, Justin Poole, who is stationed in southwest Asia. However, after realizing that she wasn’t home, he didn’t simply leave. Instead, he broke into the house and waited for her.

Rachel Poole
Rachel Poole

Upon returning home, unaware that an intruder was lying in wait, Rachel began video chatting with her husband Justin.

That’s when the knife-wielding Moss lunged from behind and stabbed her multiple times in her body and face.

All the while, the horrified husband, who was thousands of miles away, was helplessly listening to the brutal assault.

According to the affidavit, Rachel immediately recognized Moss and cleverly yelled his name several times during the attack so that her husband could identify him.

It worked.

Baby Girl Poole
Baby Girl Poole

Following the attack, Moss fled to Fort Bliss military base. He was unaware that Justin Poole had called in advance and alerted them to the crime. Additionally, Rachel called the local police and gave them his name.

As a result, he was detained by the military police. The knife was also recovered.

EL Paso Police said that he admitted to the offense and was charged with criminal attempted capital murder. I’m no lawyer, but I think he should’ve been charged with two counts of attempted capital murder.

Fortunately, in spite of Rachel needing surgery for her wounds and fractures, the unborn baby girl, who the couple plans to name Isabella, is in good condition.

On his Facebook page, Justin vented, “I promised to give my life for this freedom not the other way around. I failed her but never again.”

Let’s hope the justice system doesn’t fail this family and the perp receives what he deserves.

Justin and Rachel Poole
Justin and Rachel Poole aka Dad and Mom


Editor’s addendum:  Baby Isabella was born and is a beauty! Though the meds given to keep her mom, Rachel, stabilized have made the baby girl sick, she’s fighting.

Let’s all continue prayers for this family!

Dad Justin cradles Baby Izzy
Dad Justin cradles Baby Izzy



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