Duck Dynasty Happy Patriarch Makes GLAAD Mad

Duck DynastyGive it a few more hours. Cruz will be followed by Chaz Bono’s Mom Cher, who will be defending her daughter…I mean son by tweeting multitudinous expletives on Twitter.

Mr. Cruz’s retort proves that he has no idea what “true Christians” believe, and if he spent less time trying to twist Scripture and more time reading and living it, he’d understand where the Biblical foundation for Phil’s beliefs comes from.

In typical liberal style, Cruz called on A&E to shut Phil Robertson up and A&E complied. After all, this is America, and how dare a person who disagrees with the homosexual lifestyle express his view with the same passion and religious zeal that the LGBT community incessantly expresses theirs?

Wilson Cruz, doing what Phil Robertson professes not to do, which is to judge, ranted on:

“[Phil] clearly knows nothing about gay people or the majority of Louisianans.”

I must have missed something – when did Phil say anything about the majority of Louisianans?  What Phil said seemed more like an observation than a condemnation.

Nevertheless, the GLAAD spokesperson’s response was more mad than it was glad, and although Duck Dynasty has a committed audience of 14 million viewers per show, Mr. Cruz is firmly convinced that most Americans “support legal recognition for loving and committed gay and lesbian couples” and will therefore be appalled by Mr. Robertson speaking the truth.  With Phil Robertson missing from the head of the table, that remains to be seen.

The reason Wilson Cruz felt that A&E had to “reexamine their ties to someone with such public disdain for LGBT people and families” is because Phil said that as a man, to him a vagina is just more appealing.

Cruz’s argument is that a heterosexual male admitting that he is attracted to the opposite sex cultivates “vile and extreme stereotypes.” “Vile and extreme stereotypes” of who? Men who already admit they prefer male anuses to female vaginas, and women who proudly declare they prefer female vaginas to male penises?

Despite the uproar and Phil’s subsequent firing, something even more eye-opening than what Phil’s comments. GLAAD and A&E have revealed who they are by suggesting Phil Robertson had no right to exercise his First Amendment right by proclaiming his sexual preference and religious beliefs.

The plainspoken patriarch of the Duck Commander has already proven that he answers to no one but a higher power and will not be intimidated by radical activists with unconventional sexual predilections.

Moreover, Phil Robertson is not about to change his view of the world just to placate mad GLAADS or rattled A&E executives.

The Duck Dynasty big guy will continue to practice what he preaches, will continue to look for any opportunity to proclaim the Good News of Jesus Christ, and will never let concern over controversy cut into his duck-hunting time.

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