Fencing Obamacare

This “awaking” is what all  control freaks most fear. To preempt that from occurring, the substitution of an alternate reality is paramount. They must dazzle, manipulate, beguile and propagandize your sense of propriety. This is the true purpose for the constant PR machine of Obamacare. And the never-ending attempts to rebrand this failed experiment.

Ultimately, control freaks must shelter their victims and close them off from the real world. Repeatedly they must sequester the mind and human expression. They must silence free speech and make it punitive because it threatens their version of reality.

Control freaks must fail to educate, inculcate and cultivate any true knowledge. Stasis is their domain. They retard growth and foster dependence. Poisoning their charges, they practice the worst form of Münchausen by Proxy imaginable. And those who fall under their control rot from within: once captive, they lead a monotonous life of misery and servitude.

Control freaks want you to feel helpless and a prisoner to your fate. As your master, they want you resigned to the fate they  preordained; not feeling as though you are indeed  a master of your own destiny. Nor do they care about your  happiness. Your individual wellbeing comes second to their wishes.

History demonstrates that when people do awaken to their situation, and realize their predicament, more crackdowns, further repressions and additional punishments become necessary. Soon it becomes a vicious cycle wherein more control is needed to assert dominance over rebellion – in order to maintain an uneasy status quo of an already fractured relationship. Eventually, substantive resentments begin to foment. Slowly they build until, at once, uncontrollable forces erupt and are unleashed. Soon thereafter, they cascade and spill over.

At that point, you’ve lost them for good. People, like animals, will do anything to escape.

Such is the case with governments, political parties, a dog, children or any marriage. It is natural law and as such, it is immutable.

The Democrats should be very cautious and extremely wary of this. If not careful, they will soon reach critical mass with Obamacare. In an effort to sell it, they will push too hard and push people away – not only from the law but also from their party.

To preempt years of future misery, and an untold wrecked number of lives, may the inevitable happen sooner rather than later. Much pain and countless regrets could thus be saved.

As people, we want to make our own decisions. The freedom to choose what we want, absent the input or approval of others, is the most basic right of humanity.

But as we know, freedom of choice is only acceptable to Democrats, liberal progressives and socialists when they are the ones deciding the menu of choices – as well as the options contained therein.

They thrive on the appearance of choice; not actual, true or real choice. Their world is a menagerie of false choice. In short, they are control freaks.

You can’t fence time. And you can’t stop love. Nor can you stifle the boundless yearning of man and woman to be free.

Democrats should realize they can’t fence Obamacare – or its stolen and expropriated goods.

But then again, control freaks never  listen to an opposing viewpoint.


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