Gay CNN Anchor Defends Phil Robertsons Right to Free Speech

Of course Piers Morgan, that mouthpiece for all that is wrong with Main Stream Media, believes Phil Robertson should be fired…but his gay co-worker disagrees.

No surprise there. What was surprising is that openly gay CNN anchor, Don Lemon, said he DOESN’T think Phil should be fired. Lemon said he would err on the side of free speech.

Lemon told Morgan:

“This is America, but this is what happens when you have true freedom of speech. You can say these things, and then you have to suffer the consequences. Look at what happened to Paula Deen, when she made comments, when she was accused of using the ‘N’ word, and admitted to it.

It’s offensive to me. I do believe in the right to free speech, but I think the marketplace should decide what should happen to this franchise, and it has been put on hold now.”

Don Lemon was, of course, referring to the statements Phil Robertson made in response to questions posed by GQ writer, Drew Magary, for his article “What the Duck.” Robertson was graphic, but biblical, in his answer, stating his preference for intimacy with a woman, not a man.

And speaking of offensive, Magary, if judged by the poor quality of his writing and the excessive use of profanity, is no gentleman and is highly offensive. I was stunned to read his piece and find it littered with blue language.

Oh I won’t ask that he be fired. I will simply do what Americans are free to do and not read GQ again. Apparently the magazine’s demographic is young, hip, foul-mouthed, people who disdain those with a biblical faith.

Kudos to Don Lemon for erring on the side of free speech.

And Phil Robertson and his clan? They will be just fine. Their happy happy happy lives are not based on the whims of A&E or the fickleness of fame, but on a faith rock-solid and enduring.


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