Hey GLAAD: Let’s Get Something Straight!



By Servative

There’s something wrong with homosexuality. Can we agree on that? And talk straight?

Men and women are not designed to be that way. I’ve tried it with plumbing parts – it never works. Only male and female parts fit together right without an adapter, and I’m not going there with this.

Yes, homosexuality is aberrant: deviant, divergent, abnormal, atypical, anomalous, or irregular.

Why do I make this insensitive observation?  It’s not to be mean, I assure you. I just want to remind the self-righteous, indignant GLAADiators among us that the rest of us have a legitimate point of concern about their lifestyle. They’re right to be defensive – but not offensive.

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And offensive they were – going after Phil Robertson that way! He’s such a genuinely kind, generous person. It takes a special kind of person to disparage someone like that. They could only claim that he’s “outside the mainstream,” which to them means that since they won a popularity contest, the science is settled.  All they can do is incite others to be self-righteous and indignant as well.

Now, I’m offended at these GLAADiators taking action against someone just for expressing an opinion. Apparently, lots of people feel the way I do, and many have reacted passionately, in support of Mr. Robinson

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