Obama’s Harvard education debunked by a wood chopper

You want to know why government has no ingenuity? Because ingenuity requires actual WORK…such as demonstrated by one wood chopper!

Check out how this guy solves his problem. One thing is for sure; you can bet his knowledge came from a long history of trial and error.

The real world requires solutions that work, and not theoretical solutions based on communist ideals.

In other words, nobody was going to come bail this guy out.

The frontier spirit became the American Spirit, and it is the spirit of invention.

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Unfortunately, government has no incentive for ingenuity, and the only thing they invent is bureaucracy. Government can continue to get it wrong as long as they wish. Nice job if you can get it.

Obama recently lost $10B on the final sale of GM stock and he is spiking the football. He puts a layer of bureaucracy in the middle of the best health care system in the world, and he considers it a win.

Think Obama can innovate something as simple as chopping wood? Think again. Harvard doesn’t teach that.




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