Putting the “Christ” in Christmas (Everyday)


Jesus Heals the Blind Man

There’s an old saying, “Bloom where you’re planted.”

That sounds a little goofy to me. I’m a man! What’s all this talk about “blooming”? Well, in spite of the way it sounds, that’s good advice. Allow me to explain. As Christians in America, we’re conditioned to put a few dollars in the plate each week. At Christmas time we may toss a Barbie Doll in the Christmas sled or send shoes to a foreign land. Maybe fill a shoe box with toys. Those are all good things!

But what we often miss is that we have people right next to us with real needs.

I’m reminded here at the Holidays especially. At work, in our neighborhoods and even in our places of worship there are those struggling physically, financially, mentally and spiritually. Many are too proud to ask and some certainly wouldn’t take a hand-out if it were offered. But a friend? They may receive help from a friend. Now, where could they possibly find a friend?

Why do you think Jesus was so effective in ministry? Why is it that people listened to what He had to say? Perhaps it’s that Jesus put a face on His giving. He didn’t just toss a couple of coins out to the crowd and scream, “God bless you! Thanks for coming!” He ministered directly to the needs of the people.

He took the blind man by the hand. He touched a man with leprosy (Jews were forbidden to contact lepers). Jesus spoke with the woman at the well. He ate dinner with a tax collector and his family. What He didn’t do was hide His face behind a Church or in a cubicle or a corner office. Every day, we have the ability to touch the lost and those in need. We’re given the chance to love; to truly help if we simply open our eyes and ears. I’ll bet if you take the time to BE the face of Jesus, you’ll find out your offering will go farther than you ever imagined.

Bloom where you’re planted. It’s not as goofy as it sounds…

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