Fat Barbie and Other Liberal Toy Oddities

BarbieFrom time immemorial, almost every little girl goes through a Barbie stage.

That’s when happiness is measured by how many oddly-shaped dolls one can stuff into a big pink case. The fascination with Barbie for most girls is the frilly clothes and the little plastic shoes. And, of course, a romantic Ken doll that seems to always show up in his swimming trunks for some odd reason.

Little girls play age-appropriate pretend for hours, dressing and undressing their dolls while dreaming of one day marrying Ken and driving off in a hot pink sports car to live in a Barbie Dream House all their own.

Now, after 54 years of angst-free Barbie doll playtime, liberals are at it again.  The same type of people with the twisted mindset that brought us Bebe Gloton, the baby doll that breastfeeds, are now insisting that Mattel make an “overweight” Barbie doll.

The argument coming from Plus-Size-Modeling.com is that slender, impossibly well-endowed Barbie dolls wreak havoc on the self-esteem of little girls.

Plus-Size-Modeling.com has to be a liberal organization, because they seem to think it’s their job to point out, because we don’t know, that a girl with Barbie’s shape is a physically unattainable goal.

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