For all the Feminist Freaks…

FeministI would be pissed at the feminist, but it looks like the only real men who will be left will be Conservative men.

You’re WELCOME! – Feminists of America

What a bunch of asexual freaks the Lefties are becoming. Holy Mother of Pearl, they call these models “men” and what they’re wearing “men’s fashion.” Surely they jest.

I hope feminists are proud of themselves for successfully emasculating their men. They’d like us to believe that these “men” are popping up everywhere, but that’s just not the case.

These “men” are being created by the pedophiles who prey on them. Single mothers dating monsters with no ties to their sons, and absentee fathers who could not care less.

This is the world the Left envisions for men? If I even thought about wearing that nonsense, I’d bite down on the cyanide pill.

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