Hillary move over, Wendy’s coming

WendyDavisRemember the heroine of Planned Parenthood, Wendy Davis? Of the pink tennis-shoed, Texas filibustered, right to kill late-term babies fame?

We now know that wannabe Texas governor Wendy Davis essentially MADE UP her life story about being a single mom and putting herself through Harvard.

Breitbart reported Wendy’s skewed “Facts.”

So let’s take a look-see:

  • She wasn’t a single parent; she was married, and to husband #2
  • It was Wendy’s second husband who paid her way through law school, not Wendy
  • After her husband made the last payment, she divorced him
  • Oh, and Wendy cheated on the man who did all this

When asked about the “inconsistencies” between her publicized hard luck story and the REAL bio, Wendy commented:

“My language should be tighter,” she said, admitting her campaign biography has been less than truthful.

This should come as no surprise: Wendy was caught labeling Rick Perry’s inspirational words an “attack.”



Nothing could have been further from the truth! But evidently Ms. Davis was just warming up her bald-faced lie mojo.

Let’s face it…Liberals rely on fake narratives, because their real accomplishments suck.

The Left is touting Hillary “Done Nothing” Clinton for president, and she has accomplished nothing except getting ahead on doing nothing. For Liberals, that’s the skill.

But Hillary may have competition. Because Wendy Davis may not be a good governor of Texas, but she would be a FANTASTIC LYING LECHEROUS LIBERAL PRESIDENT.

I’m actually shocked that Obama didn’t go the “single dad” route and gin up some fake kids and do the same. But whatever works.  Come to think of it…his “my dad was a goat herder” lie worked just as well.

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