For the Left, killing black “burdens” is easy

melissa-harris-perryI love how the Left uses euphemisms for the murder of the innocents.

For the left, when a women decides to abort — yes kill a child — it’s about choice and reproductive rights.

As reported by Godfather Politics, Melissa Harris-Perry had this to say:

Speaking to Nancy Northrup from the pro-abortion Center for Reproductive Rights, Harris-Perry compared those who oppose killing unborn babies to someone who attacks women:

“So, Nancy, self-defense teaches women, ‘Get on the ground, kick with your legs, don’t try to go right,’ you know, ‘don’t try to go arm to arm because that’s not necessarily where the strength is.’ Is this what this new strategy is? ‘All right, if you guys want to sign this, run on this.’”

Melissa Harris-Perry referred to those in the pro-life movement as “enemies of reproductive rights.”

No Melissa, we pro-child types prefer to ARM women, therefore empowering them in the event of a violent attack that could leave them dead, or as Obama would put it, “burdened with a baby.”

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