Obama works in soup kitchen

Soup KitchenBarack Obama, the man who can’t create real jobs, must have been admiring his handiwork, as he decided to visit a soup kitchen on Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr day.

“Gotta check out the new America, I created!”

Well, Obama got a first-hand look outside the Ivory Tower, but don’t expect that he got the right lessons from this.

I bet there were many of the former middle-class who would have liked to have kicked his boney behind, as Obama dished out some of that great soup kitchen cuisine, flavored with photo-op BS.

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One can only hope that the Obamas regaled the crowd with Obama family vacation footage, or perhaps video of Michelle’s 50th birthday bash, the pricetag on that shindig likely could have bought all the soup kitchen attendees a new home, and paid for their kids’ college educations.

EAT UP! Especially you Millennials. You are getting a look at your future.


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