Steven Seagal for Governor! (video)

Steven SeagalAccording to sources, Steven Seagal has aspirations to be the toughest politician EVER!

Move over Arnold Schwarzneggar and Jesse “The now fat body” Ventura — Seagal may run for governor of Arizona. One thing is for sure: Seagal better hit the dojo if he decides to run for governor of Arizona, because Jan Brewer is a force to be reckoned with.

Seagal is one of Sheriff Joe’s posse, so he could be a true “Law and Order” kind of governor. However, Seagal is pretty spacey. A few of his movies decry mean capitalists and seem to be environmentally centered.

Take “On Deadly Ground” for example. That film was about an evil oil company. In “Fire Down Below,” Seagal plays an Jack Taggert, an EPA agent who goes undercover to expose the oil industry. The EPA is far more malevolent than all the oil companies combined, yet Seagal has something against Big Oil.

Generally speaking, Seagal films are about exacting justice against bad guys. In Under Siege, he plays a cook — who happens to have been in the Navy SEALS — and he has to take over a Navy destroyer that has been commandeered by former-CIA guy gone rogue.

Under Siege is undoubtedly Seagal’s best work. If I believed Seagal as governor would be more Casey Ryback than Jack Taggert, he might be able to get my endorsement.

That said, I’d love to train with him in the martial arts. In that respect, he is the real deal.

Check out this short video where Seagal actually does a short MMA demo.

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