28 Reasons to Hug a White Guy Today

There were big laughs on Saturday Night Live: for Black History Month they produced 28 Reasons to Hug a Black Guy.

Hilarity ensued as a class-full of teenagers were depicted enjoying a rap-tune presented by a group of African-American kids from their class. The song recounted their “28 reasons to hug a black guy today,” which were as follows:

  1. We deserve a chance.
  2. – 28. Slavery

That’s awesome SNL! Matter of fact, it was so funny, I think I’ll take a stab at it.

Now, let’s assume (for the sake of argument) everyone “deserves a chance”. So, I’ll start with #2.

Ready? Here goes! 

28 Reasons to hug a white guy today

2-28. None of them ever owned a slave!

Let’s try another…

28 Reasons a black guy should be thankful today

2-28. None of them has ever been a slave!

Wait… wait… I got one more for you!

28 Reasons to hug a Jewish guy today

2-28. 6-million of his ancestors were slaughtered in the Holocaust!

You gotta agree. THAT is comedy!

I love this game! I think we should play it more often!

Or maybe, just maybe America should wake up to the fact we are in this together.

America has blemishes, as does every Nation in the world. What sets us apart is that we own up to our wrongs and try to correct them. The fact we’re having this discussion means we have freedoms that are unparalleled the world over.

We can either unite under a common understanding that ALL men are created equal and endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable rights, (which include life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness); or we can remain divided, sink into chaos and go the way of Ancient Rome.

No one is guaranteed a certain outcome in America.

But many men and women from all races, backgrounds and cultures have proven that America, as founded, is a place where everyone has the ability to pursue and achieve their dreams.

If someone wants to continue to wallow in the pit of racial divide, then can’t we agree to let them do it alone?

In short, SNL…shut-up. We’ve heard that song before. Putting a new melody to an old tune doesn’t make it any more relevant.

That song is just plain tiresome: enough already.

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