47 Bodies Left in the Wake of Hillary Clinton: Part 3

30 – Gregory Collins

Gregory Collins was another who allegedly had knowledge of the circumstances surrounding the murders of Arkansas teenagers, Don Henry and Kevin Ives. Collins died from a gunshot wound January 1989.

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So. The body count is now up to 30 (actually 31, but investigators count Don Henry and Kevin Ives as a single case). That’s 30 people who were well-acquainted with Bill and Hillary Clinton, some of whom worked for them.

As I wrote in Part 2, consider these deaths and the events surrounding them as a judge who admonishes a jury before deliberations begin, “What would be the conclusions of a reasonable person given the evidence, and without going to extraordinary lengths to explain the events.”

I know probability and statistics, and it just seems that a reasonable person would have to suspend all logic to NOT be ill at ease at the sheer number of extremely odd causes of death. And the sheer number of deaths.

As the Super Duper Pacs begin piling up the coin for Hillary’s 2016 run, and as all the Old Guard Media stumble over themselves to clamor for a coveted Hill interview, serious patriots should go about the business of digging up facts.

Let’s be diligent to find answers and inform a couple generations of voters who may not know the real Mrs. Clinton. Hillary is no dame to be trifled with.

But we cannot allow the MSM to cloak another potential presidential candidate with half-truths and ficticious facade. Liberty is counting on us, no matter the consequences.


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