Army Pfc. won’t salute the flag

Army PfcThis is the army Liberalism built. What a disgrace, when an Army Pfc. will not honor the flag and our country.

Here is what Pfc. Tariqka Sheffey posted on Instagram under her handle “sheffeynation:”

“This is me laying back in my car hiding so I don’t have to salute the 1700 flag, KEEP ALL YOUR ‘THATS SO DISRESPECTFUL/HOWRUDE/ETC.’ COMMENTS TO YOURSELF cuz, right now, IDGAFFFF.”

Liberals should be proud of the new “Obama” military.

There are many “Tariqkas” in the military, unfortunately. Tariqka won’t be considered “anti-American” by the Left.

No, Progressives will excuse her, as if she were a slave or a victim of civil wrongs.

But this Army Pfc. Sheffey is none of that.

She is just an anti-American brat, and a product of Liberalism. A poster child for the “new” military. And she will turn her back on this country, if push comes to show.

More on this story at Army Times

Compare actions and attitude with that of Jamaican Olympian, Usain Bolt:

Last week I posted this video on Usain Bolt honoring the U.S. national anthem, and I said in the comments that many blacks don’t care about the national anthem or the flag. People accused me of race-baiting.

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