Conservatives, Facebook, and strategies (video)


Social media is important, and there is bad news for Conservatives in social media, and specifically Facebook.

First, Liberals control most of it, and second, Conservatives are not hip enough on it.

Many of my friends have experienced issues with Facebook, and I can tell you that our traffic had a ridiculous drop-off a few months back. I was PO’d. I watched as other sites zoomed past me in “likes,” and wondered “WHY ME, DAMMIT?”

Friends wrote to me and said, “Kevin, I no longer see your posts in my feed,” and I couldn’t figure out why the people who love my work and “liked” me could no longer get TO me.

As with all good Conservatives, I licked my wounds and started looking for work-arounds. I was contacted by some of my conservative friends who are now experiencing similar problems, and based on my problems and research, I gave them the following advice:

  1. Get used to it.

  2. It won’t improve and will likely get worse

  3. Don’t bet your business strategy on Facebook.

In this video, you see the reason why it will take Facebook coming to it’s own epiphany, before things get anywhere close to better for all us entrepreneurs, who happen to be Facebook’s PROFIT MACHINE!

Get plugged in. If you like a site, ADD it to your news feed.

Go to that person’s direct website, and make sure you connect there.

Don’t tie your messaging strategy solely to one app or social media platform.

The fact is, Facebook is fickle and only looking out for Facebook. 


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