Sometimes we forget what’s important

ImportantDo you remember the first time you experienced “rain”…or other tiny, but important moments?

I have 4 sons, and my first three are grown men now. I recall many moments with my three oldest, but many moments just passed me by. I was trying to make a living, and building my “empire,” as it were.

Then along came my 4th son, a bit of an “oops” baby, as the gap between him and his nearest sibling is 13 years. I was much older when he was born (needless to say), and some might argue, much wiser.

What I can tell you is my FINAL child has taught me much about “stopping to smell the roses,” though admittedly I still do so reluctantly. When life…ok, Obama’s administration and Liberalism are beating the crap out of you incessantly, it can be difficult to remember to laugh.

Perhaps this little girl can serve a reminder…

(h/t The Daily Dot)

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