Vicious Street Thug Cries Like a Baby When Sentenced [VIDEO]

Vicious Street Thug Cries Like a Baby When Sentenced

This 21-year old “hardcore” street thug actually had the nerve to talk smack to the family whose son he killed.

Check out the video as the realization hits this thug that he is going to prison. It’s funny how to watch his reaction as reality sets in. 

The man being sentenced murdered somebody. During his trial, the perpetrator smiled, gestured and cursed at the family. during the trial. These are behaviors that might do well on the street; however the judge showed complete disdain for his theatrics.

The long arm of the law

The man’s behavior impacted the judge’s view, and thus her decision. This criminal showed no remorse for murdering somebody. Regardless of the circumstances of the murder, the man should at least find some humanity for those who were impacted. The person’s mother, wife, children, friends. Even when somebody is killed in self-defense, we understand the humanity of the act and its potential impact on loved ones left behind.

The judge obviously felt the same. Thus she brought down the hammer of Thor on this murderer. She sentenced him to life without parole.

And after hearing he was sentenced to life without parole, the killer reacted by crying and screaming. Apparently he suddenly realized that his life of menacing people freely was over. Moreover, he would begin life anew, as “Sheila,” the wife of Ben Dover in the joint.

The victim’s father, John Potter had this to say, after the judge ruled:

“I hope that, as he spends the rest of his life in jail, that he comes to terms with it and does value human life, and that there is some redemption for him point.”

Believe it or not, the murderer had family present at the sentencing. After the verdict, they too wept and screamed. Ironically, they screamed, “I hate you” at the Potters, the family of the 21-year-old victim.

Such is the society Leftists have built.

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