Welcome to God’s country…Have a Coke

CokeI think many Americans are tired of the indoctrination that seems to take place in everything, and the Super Bowl commercials were no different.

You can’t watch sports for the love of the game and just enjoy it, because somebody has an agenda. In this case, it was Coke.

Remember when Coke tried to “teach the world to sing in perfect harmony?” The feel-good commercial of “world peace” through cola.

Fine, if you are admiring the multi-cultural aspects of America. Not fine, when it’s just to pander to liberalism.

And what’s amazing is how all the Leftist, Occupy Wall Street crowd is more than ready for commercialism, dare I say capitalism, when it furthers their nonsensical agenda.

Conservatives are supposedly mad that the ad was multi-cultural, à la multi-lingual. Hillarywash!

Conservatives adore other cultures and languages. We understand the mosaic that is America, and we remember a time when countries sent their best and brightest to our shores.

I guess these countries got tired of their best and brightest choosing to remain in America. At this point, they are no longer sending their best and brightest, but their worst and dullest.

Conservatives love other cultures, as long as those cultures appreciate the AMERICAN culture first and foremost. We are not clamoring for THEIR shores. And if we were, we would bring the best of us and assimilate into their culture, in hopes they would accept our ideas and ideals. But that would be their choice.

Nowhere in the world are American Ex-pats demanding English or a handout from a government.

You ever heard of anybody complaining to Mexico that Spanish is their national language? Americans don’t move to the Middle East, then DEMAND that English be the language. In fact we don’t do it ANYWHERE!

I’m sick of people coming demanding of America, as if we owe them something. I’m sick of others coming to America with the idea that we should cater to them. I speak for most Americans when I say to these ingrate interlopers:

“Your country sucks. If it didn’t, you wouldn’t want to be here. So if you are fortunate enough to be here, learn our language and our culture, and thank whatever higher power you believe in that you are finally in God’s country!”

Oh, and have a Coke and a smile.


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