Ben Carson: First Brain Surgeon President

For the Left, all it takes to turn a black man from a surgeon into a stooge is for him to speak against the Leftist black president.

Ben Carson, noted neurosurgeon saving lives; Barack Obama, noted race-baiter destroying black lives all over America.

There is really no contest as to who is the better man, and the Left knows this, and they know it so well. We actually use “Ben Carson” in our everyday discussions. We’ve all said something like…

Look, I’m no BRAIN SURGEON, but…

But you have never heard anybody comparing themselves to a “community organizer.”

Big deal Barack Obama became president. Barack Obama’s narrative was built on a bedrock of lies. He’s the biggest fraud in American history, and I predict we will one day refer to the name Obama in the same vain as we do the name “Ponzi.”

Even when Obama made it to the top of the heap through his hocus-pocus, he has been as successful as Liberal talk radio. Let me put it another way;

If Barack Obama were a brain surgeon, there would be millions of some jacked up zombies walking around mumbling. Holy Revelation, perhap Obama IS indeed a brain surgeon, because he has created millions of zombies for sure.

If per chance Obama were a brain surgeon (fat chance, since that requires real skill), he would have lost his ability to practice medicine due to gross incompetence. There is a reason he can no longer practice law.

Back to Ben Carson.

A Leftist black writer named Joshua Dubois who writes for Leftist rag The Daily Beast has written Ben Carson off.

I searched but couldn’t find where Dubois has written off Obama, whom he should have written off at least 4 years ago. I won’t bore you by documenting the destruction Obama has caused in the black community, but you know it, and insane black Liberals know it too.

Moreover, at a time when America needs REAL black role models, how ridiculous to write off one of America’s best and brightest black men?

Yet, as Obama leads a scorched earth policy in black America, black people remain loyal to a fault.

To read why Joshua Dubois has written off Ben Carson, go here

I’m not trying to get Dr. Ben Carson to run for president. But if we really wanted to make history, I’d love to see the first BRAIN SURGEON president.






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