BREAKING: Malay Airline Flight 370 NOT hijacked by Christians

china_hijacking_0310There are many rumors afoot about Malaysian Airlines flight 370, but what you won’t hear is that some Christians committing Jesus-jihad had anything to do with it.

The last time a Christian hijacked a plane was 9-9-09, and he was a Bolivian kook. Pretty much since the ’80s, hijacking has pretty much been done by Muslim extremists.

But according to this article, there are nine possibilities of what happened to flight 370:

In addition to the wild speculation by conspiracy theorists, experts and media types are floating a range of ideas as to what might have happened to Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, its 12 crew members, and the 227 passengers on board.

Of course one of the theories is that Muslim extremists hijacked the plane. You’d have to be a politically-correct imbecile to think otherwise, and of course you would be a liar as well. There is no way that thought would not enter your brain.

What’s interesting is the lack of coverage of this theory.

Can you imagine if anybody even remotely considered that Christians had anything to do with the disappearance of this plane? Holy mother of Mary.

Hijacking of planes is almost exclusively the act of crazed Muslims, yet everybody tried just about every technique to AVOID this as a possibility. It’s comical, in fact. It’s almost like how the news goes out of its way to avoid saying that a perp who [insert heinous crime here] is black.

I think it’s because if a perp is black, that means he or she has a 96 percent chance to have voted for Obama, ergo is a DEMOCRAT. But I digress.

I’m going out on a pretty substantial and fruit-filled limb, and going on record to say that I believe Malay flight 370 was hijacked by Muslim extremists. Oh, and there may also be gambling in casinos.


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