CT Gov should be arrested and sued

Gun control t-shirtHere’s one for the NRA, as well as Conservative citizens of Connecticut.

Why hasn’t somebody arrested their communist governor Dannel Malloy for infringing on the  gun ownership rights of his constituents. I bet he would think differently about Connecticut’s new gun laws. Read more at Freedom Outpost.

In another inane gun control measure, CT has voted to require that semi-automatic rifles and high-capacity magazines be registered.

Why? Are there a rash of law-abiding citizens shooting up CT towns? No.

Since when has the Constitution or common sense mattered to the Left.

I’d like to see the NRA partner with the ACLJ and begin suing all the municipalities who don’t protect their citizens. The smart move would be for America to take a lesson from Switzerland and REQUIRE responsible gun ownership.



As Connecticut is in the midst of a very serious situation regarding guns and gun registration, Governor Dannel Malloy attended a town meeting this week to address constituents at John Barry Elementary School in Meriden, Connecticut. During that event, a pro-gun citizen, who has opposed the legislation signed into law by Malloy, which requires gun owners to register their semi-automatic rifles and high-capacity magazines or be considered felons, asked how Malloy could push legislation that is against law abiding gun owners while abolishing the death penalty and offered early release for violent criminals. Malloy’s answer was not to point to the State Constitution, but to point to the people’s desire to “feel safe.” In that respect, he told the questioner that the legislation regarding gun registration had gone through each branch of government and “your side lost.” In essence, Malloy said, “Get over it.”

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