The dark secrets of foster care

Some of you are aware that my organization helps get about 100 kids a year adopted, but we don’t advertise this heavily. I hope this article will inspire you to support the effort.

I do this work, because I have lived a charmed life. I was adopted by my grandparents, and though we were poor, I have lived in abundance.

The children my team helps have not. I want these kids to find their forever families, so they can begin living.

Foster care is hell. I could tell you stories that would make you cry with outrage. It was recently reported about an Internet forum where parents sought takers for adopted children they no longer wanted, a teenager from Haiti was offered more frequently than any other girl.

Reuters reported:

Starting at age 14, Nita Dittenber was passed among four families over two years through a practice called “private re-homing.”

In September, Reuters exposed an underground market in which desperate parents use online bulletin boards to offer adoptees to strangers, often illegally and with no government oversight. The Internet forums, including the Yahoo group where Nita was advertised, can enable abusers to acquire children easily; in one case, a pedophile in Illinois took home a 10-year-old boy hours after an ad for the child was posted online.

In the last home where Nita was sent, re-homing served a different purpose, Ohio prosecutors contend. They say it was used to silence Nita and another girl in an effort to conceal the repeated sexual abuse of children.

These children endure the worst of mankind, and we need to help keep them away from lecherous Leftist who see children as fodder.

Take a look at what happens when a child finds a GREAT family!


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