Detroit’s Unspeakable Horror

Detroit has much to be proud of, since the city is run [into the ground] by Liberal Democrats, but this latest discovery should have every Detroit denizens high-fiving.

According to CBS in Detroit, a man walking through a park on Detroit’s west side came upon unspeakable horror: dozens of dead, frozen dogs.

Dead dogs curled into fetal positions, covered in scars and lacerations — these are some of the graphic and grisly images taken at the River Rouge Park, along West Outer Drive between Plymouth Road and West Warren Avenue. CBS Detroit opted not to post the photos because of their graphic nature.

But it does get worse. Because Detroit knows what is happening in this park. These tolerant, animal-loving, kumbaya types are aware that at this park, lots of atrocities occur.

Litzelman believes many of the dogs are innocent victims, forced into the ring by humans to fight other dogs to the death.

“A lot of people when they do these illegal activities, they can’t put them out in the trash because even a lot of the trash collectors will report dead animals in the trash,” she said. ”Or much less, they don’t want to draw any attention to the house where they’re fighting the dogs illegally.”

Litzelman said the park has become a dumping ground for dogs killed in fights.

“A majority of them are due to illegal activities, such as fighting. It’s consistent with the bite wounds that are on the dogs. Most of them have either bled to death or have large gaping wounds that were never treated,” she said. “The park is well-know for dog fighting and has a high activity for drugs and other illegal activities.”

So let’s elect MORE Liberal Democrats, so the rest of America can be like Detroit!



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