Ebony Magazine Defines “Blackness”

I refuse to let Obama, Ebony magazine, or anyone else define my blackness. I’ll do that myself.

Raffi Williams is Director of Media Relations for the RNC and the son of Fox News’ Juan Williams. Williams the Younger was in a discussion on Twitter with an Ebony magazine staffer, when she referred to him as a “white boy,” essentially dismissing him as not being worthy of conversation [as a black man] with her. In her view, in not agreeing with the Liberal black agenda, Raffi Williams has been rendered “not black.” 

Nothing new here.

I posted recently about Kobe Bryant saying  that he doesn’t agree with siding with Trayvon Martin just because he is black, and all hell broke loose on the Left. Noted BRAIN SURGEON, Dr. Ben Carson is one of the best black success stories in America; yet for the Left, when Dr. Carson dared disagree with Barack Obama’s policies, all hell broke loose again. There are thousands of examples like this, most of which are never reported or discussed.

Race wrangling, or keeping black people in what the Left deems is black people’s place is what the Left does, and we act as if we expect them to have suddenly changed. Why would it?

There is nothing happening within the black community by Conservatives or Republicans that would have changed it. Yet, Conservatives (and Republicans) seem to think black Liberals will wake up one day and start exercising common sense.

It is ridiculous to define “blackness.” Nevertheless, we allow the black Left to do so every day without input. Frankly their definition sucks.

Whether you are a street thug or a Wall Street executive, the definition of blackness is to be ethnocentric, ergo a black racist. Let white people “define blackness,” and the black Left would scream to high heavens. But the black Left freely exercises overt racism and regulate their views with an iron fist.

In the view of the black Left, to be black, you can NOT think for yourself; you are part of the collective…period!

Black Liberals point to Oprah or Jay-Z and of course Baby Black Jesus, as examples of “blackness.”. They have most black athletes feeding at the trough of “blackness,” as well. But the fact is that most of them sellouts. By the definition of black Leftist, Oprah, et al doesn’t act black and in fact, they think white and live white.

Ask a black Liberal to define “blackness,” and they will wax rhapsodic about the Motherland,  speak of Nubians, and cultures of which most know nothing about. They won’t speak the truth of generational welfare and ignorance. They won’t speak of how Liberalism has destroyed the black community, the black father, the black mother, the black business, the black church, and just about everything else “black.”

Then  challenge their blackness. Ask them what defines, “whiteness?” Ask them if black people can do “white” things, and if so what are the penalties? Point out how they “act white,” and when they defend their actions, call them RACISTS.

Black Liberals are the worst kind of racists; because they are not only racist against, non-blacks, they are the worst racist against other blacks who won’t think like them.

The worst form of racism occurs when you try to control a man’s thoughts. – Kevin Jackson

I applaud ethnic magazines like Ebony, when they showcase the greatness of the American subculture of black people. Black is beautiful, I get it. I have known that, since I first recognized that America contained black people, and I realized I was one of them.

But black Conservative is just as beautiful as black Liberal. Black Conservative is black. In fact I think black Conservatives are BETTER than black Liberals.

I believe that because I believe the American subculture of black people represent the best of America and that is conservatism. Most blacks are conservative within our DNA. We certainly used to be.

Blacks were forged from steel, hammered into a blade, and we now represent the weapon with which America fights every day. The past struggles of Blacks act as a reminder of a long gone America who has risen to greatness; a greatness that has created some of the most respected citizens of the world.

It is that greatness that Obama should have represented. It is that greatness that Ebony should portray.

I repeat: I refuse to let Obama, Ebony magazine, or anyone else define my blackness. I am an excellent representation of a proud American who happens to be most definitely black.



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