FBI dumps racist Southern Poverty Law Center

It’s about time these race-baiting Liberal organizations are exposed for what they really are. A hate group.

The Southern Poverty Law Center is little more than a front group for black power Leftist, and it’s far past time that the FBI recognized this.

According to Breitbart,

Federal Bureau of Investigation appears to have scrubbed the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) from its hate crimes webpage, where the controversial group was listed as a resource and referred to as a partner in public outreach.

As with all things that begin good, they are eventually co-opted by the Left and turned into crap.

What’s ironic about development is that it was allowed in the time of Black Power. Obama as Head Negro in Charge and Holder in charge of the Injustice Department either dropped the ball, or some underling is looking to start collecting a pension!

I will be curious to see the reaction from race-baiting black Leftists, like Sharpton and Jackson, as well as the NAACP.

Did this slip through the crack, I’m not sure.  We will keep tabs on any official statements from DoJ.



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