Gays have something on Obama…

Obama emanuelI can only imagine that somebody has pictures of Obama in one of those Chicago bathhouses he was rumored to frequent, because the gays simply won’t let up on this guy.

Yet again, the LGBT demands more from Obama, this time its that they allow the “Ts” in LGBT, yes the “trannies” be allowed into the military.

According to Fox News, the gay task force had this to say:

“We commend the commission for stating independently what we all know: there is no compelling medical reason to exclude trans people from serving their country, and transitions would place almost no burden on the military,” Rea Carey, executive director of the task force, said in a press release . “The President should sign an executive order to lift the transgender military service ban.

Is there some clamor from the tranny community to serve in the military? Last time I checked, they just wanted to do pageants.

All I can ask is, “What will these fools as for next?” The LGBT already is getting taxpayer-funded sex changes.

I think it’s time the NOT Gay start making demands, and get surgery on our naughty bits paid for.


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