This illegal woman with 7 kids should be PRESIDENT

Talk about milking the American taxpayer, and not giving a crap! This woman with SEVEN kids who is in America illegally should be America’s first ALL-female president.

That would make her our second foreign president, our first Latino president, and I’m sure we could think of a few other “firsts” for Nelson.

I thought Obama was the most egregious waster of taxpayer funds, but per capita, Marita Nelson has him whooped.




An illegal alien, who resides in Florida, Marita Nelson. Nelson is a middle aged mother of seven. She has been caught abusing the American taxpayers, admitting to take advantage of welfare, food stamps, child support, federal housing and more, for more than 20 years.

Nelson is a Mexican national who crossed the Rio Grande years ago, and took the opportunity afforded illegals today to offer nothing to America, and begin taking. Nelson has not worked since her arrival, though the Left will try to convince you that illegals like Nelson are here to contribute to society. They say that these illegals pay for themselves, because their taxes more than make up for their costs to the country.

I give you the poster child for illegal immigration. Perhaps Nelson will get hugs and kisses from the Left, as they did recently for newly released voter-fraud convict Melowese Richardson

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